Daiva Malinauskienė

Daiva Malinauskienė

Director of Soros International House (daiva@sih.lt)

Malinauskiene has been working as a director of SIH since 1996. Before joining SIH, she spent more than 10 years at professional training working for the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training Council. Besides managing the institution since 2001 she has been involved in international project coordination and management on language teaching, adult/ senior education, active citizenship, migrant integration, etc.. Most of the projects emphasize involvement of modern ICT.

Daiva is a board member of the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education and a member of the coordinating committee of the Baltic Sea Countries NGO Network.


Presentation in B3 session: Teaching migrants. Online platforms: teacher and learner supporting tools

Migrant integration into a new community is not possible without basic skills of host country language. Due to cultural differences learners and teachers very often face challenges which can be solved just by professionals with an experience in this area. Teaching and learing tools developed with a support of EU funds : websites for teachers presenting teaching modules, good practice examples, lesson plans as well as online platforms for self- learning and self -evaluation of skills gained for language learners are perfect supporting tools to make a proccess of learning much more attactive and more effective.