Estela Dauksiene

Estela Daukšienė

Head of Administration at Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning (LieDM) (

Estela Daukšienė is the main contact person for LieDM association institutions that implement online learning, organize joint events, and share their experiences in the field of technology enhanced learning. She is also a researcher and project manager at Vytautas Magnus University for more than 10 years, focusing her research on open educational resources, innovations, virtual mobility, and technology enhanced learning. Estela has also participated in several projects on open education and open educational resources, promoting open and professional collaboration between institutions and professionals. Having experience in the field she also teaches students on technology application at education and provides consultations for teachers on application of innovative teaching and learning methods using technologies.


Presentation in A2 session: Online learning support of LieDM association for its members

LieDM association unites 43 Lithuanian institutions implementing or planning to implement distance teaching and learning. The support and trainings for institutions is provided by the association. The presentation gives a broad view of technology enhanced teaching ang learning support, provided by the administration of LieDM association and activities of other members of the association.


Presentation in B1 sessionOpen Professional Collaboration for Innovation – OpenProf project

Open Professional Collaboration for Innivation – OpenProf project was iniciated by LieDM association. The project aims at fostering openness and collaboration between institutions and their professionals for OER creation, sharing and use. The three training materials, prepared during the project implementation, are now open for educators to learn on OER, their propper licencing while creating, using and sharing, the tools for OER creation, sharing and use, and other work-based learning curriculum pecularities.