Juratė Urbonienė

Jūratė Urbonienė

Associate professor at Utena University of Applied Sciences, The Head of Department of Electrical and Informatics Engineering (itkatedra@utenos-kolegija.lt)

Doctor Degree of Informatics Engineering; since 2009 member of Lithuanian Computer Society, since 2010 – member of ACM organizations.

Areas of interest: programming education, robotics, adaptive learning system development and application, research on usability of information technologies in the teaching process.


Presentation in B1 session: Technological solutions for the learning society – learning new skills needs and justify expectations

The report will focus on technological solutions, which could be used for learning and allows to add variety to learning process. Technological innovations require new learning skills as well. About the importance of these learning skills will be discussed. A learning public view on how innovation affects their learning process and meet their expectations will also be presented.