Jurgita Cvilkaitė

Jurgita Cvilikaitė

Lecturer of Vytautas Magnus University (j.cvilikaite@uki.vdu.lt)

Jurgita Cvilikaitė is a lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages, VMU. She teaches academic and legal English, Lithuanian for foreigners. Her research areas are EFL and ESP, tandem learning, translation studies.


Presentation in A2 session: Tandem learning

Tandem learning is based on the principles of autonomy and reciprocity, thus the process is organised and planned solely through collaboration between tandem partners. Free to choose time and place, duration and pace, topics, learning material and medium, learners become motivated autonomous collaborators seeking to improve their foreign language skills and other competences (intercultural communication, IT etc.). Learning from a native speaker triggers enthusiasm and curiosity, while lessons occurring in the specific form (divided into two parts, each dedicated to learning a partner’s language or teaching a partner one’s language) and in a friendly environment liberate language learners from formal school or university environments and provide additional motivational drive to their learning process. The presentation provides an overview of key aspects in tandem language learning: the underlying principles, tandem partners, their roles and responsibilities, the process setting as well as tandem learning at VMU.