Rita Čėplaitė

Rita Čėplaitė

The deputy of headmaster at Garliava Jonuciai Progimnasium (cep.rita@gmail.com)

Rita studied  at the Departament of Mathematics and Mechanics in Vilniaus university. She started working as a teacher in Garliava secondary school No. 2 in Kaunas region  in 1978 and taught maths and IT.  Rita have been working at the same school so far, now as a depute of the director and teach the students the secrets of maths.


Presentation in A2 sessionThe influence of using the sources of information in the development of the competence of teaching mathematics

Students should know variousstrategies of learning in order to develop  their competence of knowinghow to study.It is very important to learn to find necessary information in manuals, textbooks and electronic means of information.

 The article gives analysis to show how often students make use of electronic sources of information as well as printed ones and the influence using ICT to teach and study mathematics as a subject.