Romutė Augaitienė

Romutė Augaitienė

Lecturer  of Kaunas Technical College (

Romute graduated from Vilnius University in 1979, acquired a qualification of mathematician lecturer. In 2004 she graduated from Kaunas University of Technology acquired a professional qualification of a teacher of Economics. Worked at a secondary school as a teacher of a mathematician – Methodist. Have been working as a lecturer of mathematics at Kaunas Technical College since 2005.

Personal interests are mathematics, psychology, philosophy, arts. The area of scientific interests is integration of mathematics and speciality subjects.


Presentation in B2 session: Challenges of Teaching Mathematics in Educating Specialists of Engineering Sciences

Teaching first-year students mathematics at Kaunas atechnical College faces an issue, i.e. the majority of students lack knowlege and skills in mathematics. Vague education in mathematics and Natural Sciences is an everlasting problem in both Lithuania and the EU. Such cotext presents achallenge in teaching mathematics, how to educate specialists of Engineering Sciences without fundamentals of Exact Sciences. This presentation provides with some insignts of this challenge.