Session format

The speed dating session format for conference A and B sessions will be used.

The duration of these ’speed-dating’ sessions will be 90 minutes, containing the maximum of 7 presentations in each session.

The concept is to trigger and enable feedback and enhance discussions about the papers/ presentations in a lively, interactive environment.

Presenters, if they wish to use PowerPoint slides for their short (6 min.) presentation (max. 4 slides including title), are asked to submit them via the online presentation form by October 26, 2015 as latest in order to be uploaded to the computers in the rooms in advance. Authors may test the smooth running of their presentation during the break before the session.

Structure of the session

  • The Session Chair introduces the ’speed dating’ concept and keeps the time of short presentations during the first block of the session.
  • Presenters have 5-6 minutes (strictly moderated!) to cover key concepts and ideas in their papers/ presentations and pose questions for the following discussion in the session.
  • After the brief presentations, the participants, including speakers and their audience, break into smaller thematic working groups where the presenters guide the discussions to reach strategic answers to their topics to be reported as the session outcome during the closing plenary session.
  • The presenters report back to the whole group about the key messages coming from their group for 1-2 minutes per group
  • The participants convene for a 10 minutes rapporting block (from each sub-group) before the closing of the session.

After the conference, all conference delegates will be given access to the online publication of the full version of accepted presentations. Therefore, all presenters are invited to submit also the full version of their presentations to the conference organizers via e-mail whenever it is convenient for the author but no later than by November 13, 2015.

Following the concept of the conference of open professional collaboration, the full presentations submitted for online publishing should meet the following requirements:

  • Presentation should be developed under a Creative Commons licence (clearly indicated on the presentation file)
  • Presentation should be uploaded for open access using any of the online repository (SlideShare or alike)
  • The link to the online presentation should be sent to

Conference participants should address conference organizers if they need any help of guidance on slide submition.

The technical equipment available in all the sessions rooms include laptop (MS Office, Power Point), projector and WiFi. There will be technical assistants around to provide support if needed.