Tautvilė Klimašauskaitė

Tautvilė Klimašauskaitė

Student in Kaunas University of Technology (tautvile.klimasauskaite@ktu.lt)

2009 – 2013 Lithuanian philology studies at Vytautas Magnus University. Acquired bachelor of Philology. 2013 – 2015 Educational technology masters in KTU. Acquired master of education degree.

04 24-25, 2015 report titled ” Developing preschool children’s vocabulary using learning objects., XIII th KTU students scientific conference” Social and human sciences – 2015: challenges in the context of globalization. “

Presentation in A2 session: Possibilities to develop preschool children’s vocabulary using digital learning objects

Human language vocabulary is an important element for successful communication (I.L. Beck, M.G. McKeown, 2007). In this study, the problem caused by the lack of more detailed studies that reveal how to develop pre-school age children vocabulary, using digital learning objects. Educational experiment method was used to identify the possibilities, principles and methods of digital learning objects application to develop preschool children’s vocabulary.